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Adriana Sephora and Spencer Scott Lesbian Cheerleaders

Another sexy cheerleader, they’re getting boring now… said no guy ever. Especially when you have BOTH Adriana Sephora AND Spencer Scott licking each other out. It’s fucking glorious. This is a photo shoot where you could genuinely tug over any of the pictures, even the opening shots of Spencer Scott on the phone. Her legs are to die for, you just want to spread them open and have an all you can eat menu at her pussy. When you think it couldn’t get any better, along comes Adriana who ‘accidentally’ falls over to reveal her tight snatch. Spencer also notices and gives a cheeky tongue tease.

Move forward to presumably one of their houses (but honestly no one cares) where they strip down further to bare titties. They treat Spencer’s tits with such care and passion that you can taste her nipples yourself. Working her way down, Adriana reaches her pussy where she goes. to. town. Spencer soon returns the favour as they remove their cheerleading skirts and go into a beautiful 69.

As they lay on the couch, they’re tits gently rest on each other as they both stare down the camera, teasing us, making us jealous that we aren’t there pounding either of them. To finish, we see Spencer end up in a piledriver position. But instead of a throbbing hard dick, we see Adriana jam her tongue in Spencer’s tight pussy. Truly the perfect shot to explode over.

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