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Alyssa Reece & Rose Dawsome Lesbian Action


In an ideal world, every fella will have a beautiful woman, who will suck him off on demand, make him a sandwich and let him watch the footy without asking ‘what the fuck just happened’ every 4 seconds. But alas, we shall keep dreaming.  However, what we can offer are these two fine specimen in the form of Alyssa Reece and Rose Dawsome. Kicking things off, we are shown their fine asses in front of the kitchen counter. Do we see them whipping up a sandwich? No, but do we care? No. We don’t.

As they slowly undress, Alyssa tastes Rose’s sweet tits. Her sweet, sweet tits.  As her nipples perk up, it’s time for Alyssa to remove her bra, and show us what she brings to the table. Taking full advantage of the high kitchen chairs, Rose’s ass is appreciated once more as her big, beautiful behind is put on display. She knows how to look back at it as Alyssa starts teasing her pussy with a few gentle strokes. Light tender touches; her cheeks are spread to reveal a tight asshole and a beautiful snatch. Alyssa knows what’s up as she looks down the camera and she knows what she is about to go to town on.

Rose’s turn to return the favour to Alyssa as she puts her panties to the side and takes them off with her teeth, well I think most guys would have finished by then. Not these two ladies, they got a job to do which is to make us tug to our hearts content. Alyssa  takes control again as she starts teasing Rose’s clit with her tongue. Nothing says oral sex than the look on a woman’s face as her pussy is being licked out. There are very few things that are hotter than a female licking out another female as she plays with her tits and has her pleasure face on. Well there’s the sun. But that doesn’t count.

Alyssa works her way around Rose’s sexy body as she gets her on her side. As she starts playing with her pussy, Alyssa works her way up Rose, past her flat stomach, through her mountain range on her chest, she stops at her beautiful nipples where she eats like there is no tomorrow. Quick cut to Rose underneath Alyssa as she starts playing with her pussy, fingers included. After another quick change, we find Alyssa with her legs wide open and Rose taking full advantage of that all you can eat buffet. With both of these ladies possessing huge asses, they show us what they got as they flaunt their ass-ets.

Finishing on a beautiful note, Rose laying on her back, Alyssa downstairs once again, we see a beautiful sight of fantastic females, enjoying each other’s taste and savouring it. Even Gordon Ramsay would make this a signature dish if he could. As Alyssa shows the passion one more time as she similarly works her way up to Rose’s gorgeous face, they start making out one more time. There is no such thing as too much making out, so we will never complain.

A beautiful shoot with the setting used to its full potential; these two stunning girls really showed us what they are capable of. Both Rose and Alyssa are some of the best talent in the industry right now, and we are glad they are around to show us a good…no… a great time.

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