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August Ames & Darcie Dolce Big Boob Galore

august ames and darcie dolce

Now we all love a great scenic view overlooking a city, or a beautiful area. But if you have two females in slick black bikinis standing in the way, then we’re afraid to say that those 4 natural mountains are going to get priority viewing. With August Ames and Darcie Dolce, you know it’s going to be all about their natural tits. Those fucking gorgeous tits. We’re no sailors, but that is a motorboat we would enjoy.

The opening shots really show off the ladies sexy figures, complimented with the black bikinis forcing their boobs upwards and outwards. As August unveils Darcie’s knockers, she gently sucks on her nipples with her perfect BJ lips. Darcie soon returns the favour by wrapping her mouth around Augusts’ stunning tits. They slowly work their way down each other grabbing a good handful of each others set.

Settling down on the sofa, Darcie spreads her legs much to the delight of August… and us too. Darcie plays with her succulent nipples as August has an all you can eat meal at Darcie’s pussy. Spreading her wide open, she laps up her pussy dry. It is then Darcie’s turn as she spreads open Augusts’ bare snatch whilst playing tonsil tennis. She gently grabs Augusts’ clit between her plump, wet lips and you then get the taste on the tip of your tongue.

To finish off the shoot, Darcie teases August with two fingers as she looks her in the eyes. She makes her taste her own pussy as August sucks on Darcie’s fingers. Whilst finishing off their match point in tonsil tennis, Darcie spreads open August one more time… just for us.

A sexy scene with the perfect amount of tits to pussy ratio. Both of these babes bodies are flaunted and they’re just both sexy as fuck to be honest.

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