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August Ames Fucked in Sexy Outfit

When this one came onto the writing agenda, one particular writer got very excited. Who is that you may be asking yourself. It’s me. Who else? Reason being is because AUGUST FUCKING AMES. A personal favourite of mine and she doesn’t disappoint. Her beautiful tits, her beautiful ass, her beautiful figure. Just sit on our faces August. So, we start off with August pushing her tits together whilst looking down the camera declaring she is ready for any penis to be inside her. She shows off her incredible ass as she walks down the stairs showcasing her massive rump. Her make-up is a bit heavy, but this ain’t no beauty channel, so we don’t care.

Her huge tits are unleashed and worked upon by this lucky guy who takes full opportunity to get a taste. After grabbing himself some supper, August quickly returns the favour by giving him a nice sloppy blowjob, our favourite type of blowjobs.  He then turns her around so she can showcase that ass for the second time and he goes to town on her asshole, licking it clean. He then bends her over and starts fucking the shit out of her; Doggy Style. Back to another sloppy blowjob (she knows how to treat her man), August starts riding the dick just like she knows how to. Like a fucking jockey champion.

Her beautiful ass comes into play once more and my god it is a thing of beauty. She switches it up by going reverse cowgirl, whilst taking off her slick back top revealing her natural mountains. After riding this dude for god knows how long, they go back to where they kicked it all off, doggy style. With her sexy arched back, August takes the relentless beating from this guy. Of course, ending in another cumshot all over her ass and back and she loves it. A beautiful shoot with a beautiful finishing shot. We applaud you everytime August.

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