Big Tits Blonde Hardcore

Blonde Cristi Ann Enjoying Sex

Cristi Ann, a sexy, blonde, brown eyed slut who sucks dick and sits on your face all at the same time. And this shoot is no different from her usual antics. Straddling her male counterpart to start things off, she works her way up his body so that he gets a good ol’ taste of what we can only imagine is a sweet snatch. He turns her round, bends her over and goes to town on her asshole. With the shorts now nowhere to be found, her beautiful ass is on full display for everyone to enjoy.

Rocking a most certainly questionable kitty top, it just means that there is now a pussy on top and on the bottom, so we’re most certainly not complaining. After being pleasured for long enough, Cristi decides to return the favour by unzipping his trousers and sucking on the dick like someone sucking on an  ice lolly in the midst of a summer’s day. But enough with that Shakespeare bullshit, Cristi is looking up at the guy with the most gorgeous eyes that are literally telling to fuck her senseless.

So that’s what he does! He puts her on her back, spreads the legs, and starts pounding the pussy with no hesitation. With Cristi’s beautiful tits on display we can only wish that a still photo would capture the ripple that they must have been making.  With a few POV shots, we just imagine Cristi wrapped around our dick fucking us back and looking at us straight in the eye saying ‘fuck me’ at which point everyone just explodes. It’s a win-win really isn’t it?

With a few finger blasts from the past and more pussy eating than a dodgy Chinese, Cristi is quickly moved on to doggy which really shows off her beautiful legs. Yet again, being fucked senseless clearly makes Cristi screams for more, so why not switch it up again? Cowgirl I hear you say? OK then, your wish is Cristi’s command. She bounces on the dick so good that if you hadn’t already finished, you definitely would have by now.

Too finish off this beautiful shoot, Cristi switches it up a few more times, but on to the grand finale of the cumshot. Looking thirsty as fuck, she opens up wide and he busts a nut all over her face. Her mouth now covered in cum, Cristi shows off her even pearlier whites looking rather pleased with the end result. Little does she know that she has made approximately…. Everyone else do the exact same. Thank you Cristi; We salute you.

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