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Karter Foxx Has Sex on the Couch

Here we see a wild Karter Foxx in her natural habitat, on the couch, in her usual high-waist shorts craving a dick in and around all of her holes. Her backless, loose top is sexy as fuck and her blowjob lips makes every man imagine having them wrapped around their dick. She starts off by sucking on this lucky guys cock, she looks up at him and we can honestly say, there are few things that are hotter than that.

After endless sucking, things quickly advance as she busts out her beautiful knockers and goes to town on the dick yet again. How this guy hasn’t cum yet is beyond us but Karter gives this guy, probably, one of the best tit wanks he’s had in his life. As she slowly removes her shorts, she’s bent over and looks back at the camera as the dick disappears inside her pussy. You can tell how much she’s enjoying the dick by her orgasmic faces.

From doggy to reverse cowgirl, everything is on show now and boy are we glad. Karter starts rubbing her clit making both herself and us more wet before she switches to cowgirl. As we see her beautiful ass and the guy sees her beautiful tits, everyone is a winner here. You will often find that the girl always enjoys going for a ride, but when the guy is making faces, that’s when you know the pussy is good. Back to dick sucking she goes and this time she goes as deep as she can. Is it getting hot in here? Think a window needs to be cracked open here….

Still plenty of time for Karter to spread her legs open one more time for us as she gets penetrated by this dude. He grabs those tits like he’s hanging on for dear life whilst pounding her repeatedly and it is safe to say she is absolutely loving it. After a final position change, of course there is her facial. One of elegance and simplicity we finish with Karter looking down at the camera straight at us and our penis wondering if we are next. Karter, we volunteer as tribute whenever you want us.

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