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Kendall Kayden Sofa Sex

Oh. Boy. Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy. Kendall Kayden. Do we need to say more? Skinny white jeans, silky blue top showing just enough boob to get us interested, Kendall bends over and starts playing tonsil tennis with the first guy she sees. Lifting her top to reveal her precious beauties, her nipples are erect before he starts sucking away. After removing her top completely, he works his way down removing those gorgeous skinny jeans to show a plump ass with some fine red underwear that will need to be removed ASAP Rocky.

After some more exquisite tonsil tennis, Kendall spreads  her legs wide open, and he wastes no time with getting his fingers stuck in. We do love magic acts here, so we are even more glad he made one of his fingers disappear! Dynamo, watch out buddy. He goes one step further and starts eating her out, much to the delight of Kendall as she loves every minute of it.

Her height comes into play perfectly as her hand is just the perfect height to start grabbing this guys rock hard dick. Being the polite lady that she is, Kendall likes to treat her man, so she starts by teasing the tip and working it like a pro. But repaying the favour she was shown earlier, she starts sucking on his balls (which is easily one of the greatest feelings on this earth). Not only does Kendall work the cock like a pro, but she also wants more of it. So what better way to progress things than into everyone’s favourite.. Cowgirl! Yipee Kay Yay motherfuckers. As the dick splits open her pussy perfectly, she rides it like an expert horse rider; all whilst he spreads her ass cheeks wide open to reveal a tight asshole.

Of course what is a porn shoot without a bit of doggy in there. Kendall is flipped over and is demolished from behind. Our favourite feature of this position is that the ass is really on display here, and if you’ve got one like Kendall Kayden, it’s a dream photo angle. Quickly flipped onto her side, more relentless pounding takes place to her sweet little pussy.

To round off an amazing shoot, there is of course the cumshot to finish. And we think all around her pussy is perfect. A pleased Kendall Kayden and a pleased reader means a pleased article writer. Keep up the fantastic work Kendall!

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