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Kleio Valentien Steamy Hardcore Scene – Elegance in Negligence

Nothing gets us more excited then a girl with ink, and Kleio is one of the best tattooed pornstars out there. This scene is up to Kleio’s high standards, she’s looking as gorgeous as ever and she’s still rocking her fairly new tan which is a step up from her original pale look (though she still looked hot without the tan). She’s performing with Kieran in this scene, and as with Klieo, Kieran gave a solid performance as always.

In the scene Kieran has taken his fiancee to a restaurant and is speaking to her at the table, he spots Kleio and claims to be her biggest fan and goes to ask for an autograph. When he’s speaking to her she has a stroke of his cock then sneaks under the table and starts sucking it while he is trying (and failing) to speak to his fiancee, somehow his wife doesn’t hear this and she eventually stops cock blocking him and goes out to make a phone call. That’s Kieran’s window of opportunity and he pulls Kleio up and let’s her continue sucking his cock in a more comfortable position, and of course one thing leads to another and they end up having sex in multiple positions and locations around the room. Inevitably, in the end (after Kieran has blown his load) his fiancee comes back into the room and finds out what they have done, Kleio all the while is sat there with her fiance’s cum all over her face.

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